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House Washing

Exterior house washing, or more commonly known as "soft wash", is a fantastic way to liven up the appearance of your house. Walls are washed down, gutters and eves are cleaned, along with window frames and architraves. The result is a fresh clean looking house free of bugs, spider webs, stains and that unsightly green mould.

In most circumstances, exterior house washing gives that "just painted look". No need to spend thousand of dollars on painting, when a house wash could achieve a similar result with a fraction of the price.

All care is taken, and high pressure water is not and should never be used in house washing. I have various techniques for various surfaces with hundreds of houses washed on the north shore.

Combining a complete house wash, with an external window clean and pressure clean of paths and other areas, can potentially add thousands of dollars to the value of your home if putting your property on the market. It's the exterior of the house that gives that initial "wow factor", and what potential purchases fall in love with.