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Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is the best way to clean hard surfaces efficiently with the best results. Whether the surface be cement, block paving, brickwork, travertine or sandstone, Northside pressure cleaning has the ability and equipment to bring these surface back to new with ease. No matter how large.

Using the best of quality commercial grade equipment that is designed to run all day -everyday means that the job gets done with no fuss.

Northside pressure cleaning specializes in cleaning;
  • Driveways
  • Patio areas
  • Tiles
  • Swimming pools and surrounds
  • Tennis courts
  • Brick, block and rendered walls
  • Roof tops

With vehicle mounted equipment and upto 130 metres of high pressure line, Northside pressure cleaning can service just about any difficult access area without dragging machinery around fixtures or stairways, thus the potential for damage to property is greatly reduced.

Northside Pressure Cleaning uses equipment manufactured and serviced by Colussi Engineering and Interpump Australasia. The leaders in the market.

An array of before and after images can be seen here.