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Window Cleaning

Northside pressure cleaning has over 13 years experience cleaning windows professionally.

Northside pressure cleaning has contracted to Australias largest window and façade cleaning company for the last 9 years, and has had the privilege of working on some of Sydneys most known and iconic structures that include;

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Royal Sydney Golf Club
  • 4 Points by Sheraton Hotel
  • Shangri-La Hotel
  • Sydney Park Hyatt Hotel
  • Tetsuya’s Restaurant

Traditional methods;

  • Squeegee with ladders
  • Squeegee with extension poles

Pure Water Highwash System;

The highwash system is a relatively new method with outstanding results. It utilizes a series of water filters and a pressurized canister containing a mixed bed De-ionizing resin. The result is pure water which is then fed through a carbon fibre extension pole and a soft flock brush head. The windows and frames are scrubbed and then rinsed with the pure water, Leaving sparkling clean glass without streaks or dots from contaminants in the water. Normal Sydney tap water is full of dissolved solids including chlorine, fluoride, minerals and salts at a rate of 85-95 parts per million (PPM). Safe for human consumption, but not ideal for cleaning glass

This system brings the water quality to read 0 PPM or clinically pure water. The water is tested before use with a total dissolved solids (TDS) meter. This system gives the ability to reach windows upto 5 storeys from the safety of the ground.

Whether it be commercial or domestic, the results are truly amazing.